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Wild and Uncommon Cats from across the World

Look at those amazing Wild Cats from around the World and tell me if you had even heard of their existence.

How many wild cats are there around ? Do you know the answer to this question ?

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There may be more than one may think. In fact, there are 38 species of cats across the 5 continents . Most, like the margay cat, are quite small. But for the 7 Big Cats: lion, tiger, leopard, snow leopard, clouded leopard, jaguar, lynx, and cheetah which are  therefore called big cats. 

Let’s take a close look at the smaller less known wild cats from around the world:

“I did not know of the existence of many of these feral cats, such beautiful animals but of course most of them are endangered species.”

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Right here are 9 incredible wild pet cats that you probably didn’t recognize exist today.

9. The Margay

This type of little wildcat stays in the regions of Central as well as South America as well as for the last 8 years, its preservation condition has been detailed as being near intimidated.

These pet cats were when illegally pursued because of the wildlife profession up till the 1990’s and created a significant decrease in their populace. Margays look a lot like their family member the ocelot however they can be identified by the size of their head which is much shorter and by also taking a look at the tail, legs, as well as eyes …

Margay Colchester Zoo

8. The Fishing Pet cat

Fishing felines are a type of pet cat that takes place to be twice the size of a residential pet cat with a construct that is referred to as being “stocky” and also “muscular.” As of early this year, the angling feline preservation standing was formally stated to be at risk because of the wetlands in South and also Southeast Asia being damaged over the last ten years.

Just last year, 5 of these cats were hunted for their hair and also meat to be unlawfully traded Howrah Area of West Bengal. Fishing cats that don’t have young to often tend to live solitary near streams, swamps, mangroves, etc. as fish makes up three-quarters of their diet regimen thanks to scat analysis.


7. The Andean Mountain Cat

Native to only the high areas of the Andes Mountain range, it’s believed that less than 2,500 of these pets exist in the wild. What interests note is that this is one of only two varieties of pet cat that have no subspecies.

The threatened Andean mountain cat has actually been classified this way for the last 14 years and also the only proof of its existence were 2 images that were repossessed prior to 1998. The Andean mountain cat shares a comparable look with the pampas pet cat and also can be tough to distinguish to the inexperienced eye yet they do have significant differences that any type of specialist can determine.

Geoffroy's Cat

6. The Rusty-Spotted Cat

Both subspecies of this feline happen to live in India and Sri Lanka and most just recently a rusty-spotted cat was photographed in Nepal in March of this year. It was likewise this year that the pet’s conservation condition was transformed from the very least worry to near endangered.

What little is found out about their habits was discovered by observing the people that are kept in captivity that exhibited nighttime behavior but were likewise somewhat energetic throughout the day. There are presently 56 people of this breed that are kept in captivity across 8 different European zoos.

Rusty spotted cat 1

5. The Black-Footed Cat

This types of wild pet cat takes place to be the tiniest out of all of the African pet cats as well as is listed at being prone as a result of countless reasons, primarily bushmeat poaching. These cats only expand to be between 14.5 inches to 17 inches in length relying on the pet cat’s sex.

Such as with all cats, the black-footed feline is an obligate carnivore that must take in the flesh of various other animals so as to get the required nutrients it requires to live. It was back in 2011 that The Audubon Nature Institute’ Center for Study of Endangered Variety had the ability to bring to describe two male kitties through in vitro fertilization, the very first of the types to be born therefore.


4. The Jaguarundi

These little cats can be located staying in the Central and also South American regions of the world but they have actually additionally been found in coastal Mexico and also southern Texas. Its least concern conservation standing hasn’t moved in the last 14 years.

Unlike most of the cats that have actually already been pointed out on this checklist, the Jaguarundi occurs to be diurnal, which indicates that they are active throughout the day. Thankfully, these cats aren’t looked for their hair but they are dealing with a decline in populace because their native habitats are being damaged.

Jaguarondi 2

3. The African Golden Pet Cat

This seldom seen pet cat was simply lately photographed for the first time in 2015 and also in the video, it was seen assaulting a group of red colobus apes. Fortunately, they all got away.

Native to the rain forests of West and also Central Africa, the African golden pet cat can differ in color patterns and also may even show some areas.

Here is an extremely rare footage of the “African Golden Cat” 

Source: Youtube

2. The Sand Cat

These little guys reside in the Arabian Peninsula, Africa and also western Asia where they can be found in desert climates.

Their paws are specially equipped with fur that expands in between their toes in order to aid safeguard them from the hot sand. The very same sort of insulation can be found in cats that stay in the arctic.

Kočka pouštní

1. The Pallas’ Cat

Also known as Manul, this cat lives in the regions of eastern Europe and all the way to Siberia where its thick coat shields it from the frigid temperature levels.

What’s unique concerning this species of feline is that their students are round, rather than formed like slits. They likewise have less teeth and also are considered to be the oldest cat species that happened to develop approximately 12 million years earlier.

I find them ridiculously adorable and funny-looking, and now we certainly know who the “Grumpy Cat’s ancester was !

Source: Youtube

I hope you enjoyed this article on Wild Cats. Do not hesitate to leave your comment 🙂

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