scottish wild kitten

guvo59 (CC0), Pixabay

2 Adorable Scottish Wild Kittens Born in the Highlands

2 rare Scottish wildcat kittens have been birthed at the Aigas Area Centre in the Scottish Highlands. They might be little and also lovable, yet they’re intense. They’re the initial litter for a wildcat called Glynis. This is a big deal– there are believed to be under 400 pure wildcats left on the planet, with […]

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Chiemsee2016 (CC0), Pixabay

The Amazing Scottish Wild Cat

These two Scottish wildcat kittycats are among the last of their kind. A kind of European wildcat found just in the Scottish Highlands, around 35 individuals stay. The brother as well as sister were found alone in the wild, at seven weeks old. Preservation company Wildcat Sanctuary saved the orphans. They are currently at a […]

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