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Passenger smuggling month-old leopard cub in suitcase

A month-old leopard was found in a passenger’s luggage. (Chennai Customs)

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An unrevealed 45-year-old traveler was jailed last weekend break for attempting to smuggle a month-old leopard cub into India.

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The man was reportedly flying on a Thai Airways trip from Bangkok, Thailand, to Chennai, India, on Saturday. When he landed after the three-and-a-half-hour flight, the man attempted to rush out of the airport terminal, however officials stopped him after listening to strange sounds coming from his luggage.


They uncovered the exotic pet as they were questioning the man.

“He was evasive in his replies so his baggage was opened for more exam,” Chennai Airport Commissioner of Customs Rajan Chaudhary claimed, ABC Net reported.

When officials opened the luggage, they discovered a real-time 2.4-pound leopard cub inside a pink plastic cage.

“The cub remained in a state of shock and was making trill audios and appeared to be weak,” the official said.

Customs police officers bottle-fed the wild feline until the Wildlife Criminal offense Control Bureau came. The man, in addition to the cub, were committed India’s Tamil Nadu Woodland Division, which is presently dealing with the situation.

The leopard was at some point transferred to the Arignar Anna Zoological Park, BBC reported, where it will certainly be held till its place of origin can be established. It will certainly then be returned home.

The man is being checked out as potentially part of a worldwide contraband ring.

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